Friday, January 29, 2010

Very Baby Diapers Lot Preview

Ok here is the last preview. We made 12 Very Baby One size diapers in both cotton sherpa blend and bamboo(rayon made of bamboo). Also there will be 5 newborn diapers as well. These diapers will be available 02/22/2010 at our Monkey Toe Diapers shop

The price range for the one size is $18 to $23.00
The Price range for the Newborn diapers is $15.50 to 18.50

Please note that after or first stocking we will no longer offer Very Baby newborn diapers. We will offer our Sugar Plum Baby and Recycled diapers in newborn sizes.

Sugar Plum Baby Lot Preview

We will be stocking Sugar Plum Baby diapers in newborn, small, medium and larges. There will be 15 total and these are made from Cotton Sherpa blend and Bamboo(rayon made of bamboo) blends. The price range for these diapers is $12 to $24. You will find them 02/22/2010 at the Monkey Toe Diapers store.

Lot Preview of Plum Night Diapers

Here is one of our specialties. We love making night time diapers. Sleep is just so important for everyone. This lot is made up of Plum Night Diapers made of both Hemp and Bamboo(rayon of bamboo), size medium and larges. For our first stocking there will be 12 of them. If we start seeing requests for the extra larges or smalls we will start stocking them. the price range for these diapers are $24.00 to $30.00. These will be available Monday February 22 at our Monkey Toe Diapers store.

Lot Preview of Embellished Diaper Covers

I will be stocking 8 Diaper Covers that are all embellished. These fun covers are all Diaper Kit covers and will be priced at $12.99 to $15.99. They are all bound in FOE, 2 layer of waterproof PUL and Velcro closures. You will find these at Monkey Toe Diapers on Monday February 22.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Plum Night Diaper Preview

Plum Night Diapers is this weeks preview. I will only be stocking mediums and larges but if there is enough requests I will makes smalls and XL sizes. Please visit our web site at:
For more details on the Plum Night Diapers.

We will be stocking hemp/micro and all bamboo Plum Night Diapers on 02/22/2010 at our store at:

Another preview next week.

Thank You

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Preview number 1 for 02/22/2010 Stocking

Preview number 1:

Very Baby One Size Diapers:

Very Baby One Size Diapers

All of these diapers have:
  1. Cute cotton knit print outer
  2. 2 layers of Bamboo Fleece(rayon of bamboo cotton blend) body
  3. Snap down rise to fit babies from 12 to 35+ lbs
  4. 2 snap in soaker pads topped in Bamboo Velour(rayon of bamboo
    cotton blend)
  5. 1 scrap doubler(not a standard Very Baby Doubler)
  6. Oh yeah and the best feature of all hip and cross over snaps for
    a nice snug fit in the waist

Saturday, January 2, 2010

January 02 2010

Happy New Year to you! I hope your Holidays were great no matter what you were doing.

I know I have been quiet but that is because I was enjoying family time and getting year end paper work done. Which, by the way, now I can get even more diapers sewn. I will get a few previews up of the diapers I will be stocking 02/22/2010. Our first diaper stocking of 2010! You wonder why then because my family and I will be visiting Disney World for the first time at the beginning of February. Besides we all need to recover from the Holidays!

Be talking to you soon