Saturday, June 19, 2010

July will be Monkey Toe Diapers Group buy Month

Susan is going to run a special group buy for all of her customer, fans and followers. What does this mean for you?
  • Once the group reached $200 min you can receive 25% off the Standard MSRP on Select diapers that Susan is offering for the group buy.
  • What you need to do is join our Group Buy Group and on July 12th through July 23rd Susan will have ordering open. Once the group reaches $200 min then Susan will start sewing orders.
  • If $200 is not met by July 23rd 2010 then the group buy will be cancel and ran at a later date.
  • Shipping is world wide for this and you will pay actual shipping costs plus PayPal fees on the shipping.
  • This is a great way to try some awesome diapers and save yourself some money
What will we be offering in this Group Buy?
If you are interested in this Susan has set up a Yahoo Group to run this group buy.

Click to join monkeytoediapersgroupbuy

Click to join monkeytoediapersgroupbuy

Pricing is all listed at the group and what you receive is 25%off Standard MSRP.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

06/17/2010 Stocking

We are stocked with new One Sized Pocket Diapers and Hemp Night Time Diapers. Also just because you can use this coupon to save 10% on your order today.

Coupon Code: justbecause

Visit today:

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Up coming stuff.

Ok I am in the middle of sewing Nykibaby One Size Pocket Diapers and Very Baby One Size Pocket Diapers. All of these diapers are made of poly print pul. These will be fun for summer time fun. I have 14 cut out. I am shooting for Thursday June 17th to stock these diapers.

Next on the list is Hemp Plum Night diapers. My plans are to make 6 of these and then open custom orders up for them. I have received a shipment of Micro Chamois(Micro Fleece) this stuff is super soft and suppose to be pill resistant according to the manufacturer. I will have 3 colors white, lime, and periwinkle(but this is more of a dark lavender and matches my lavender snaps).

I am planning to have single diapers, and 3 packs available for made to order/custom order diapers. 3 Packs will be $59 and single diapers price depends on size: Small $20.95; Medium $22.95; Large $24.95; X-Large $28.95

The third thing I am planning on working on over the summer is more Very baby One Sized fitted diapers and Sugar Plum Baby sized fitted diapers. I will be focusing on making them out of cotton sherpa and lining them out of bamboo velour and cotton velour using some cute knit prints I have that are not part of my custom orders. These are diaper cuts and limited quantity, so you could say they will be limited edition prints.

Pictures coming as soon as I have them sewn.