Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Stuff to watch for this fall!

So here is the plan. After all the group buy orders are done I will be:
  1. making Very Baby Newborn diapers in all the prints we have for custom orders. It has been suggested and I only think it is fair that you see a representation of the diaper print. All of these that will be stocked are going to be made in Cotton Sherpa and lined in Cotton velour. I will not be stocking cotton velour once it is gone just bamboo velour.
  2. I will be adding custom orders for Sugar Plum Baby and making all the newborn diapers to picture the prints.
  3. Sugar Plum Baby Newborn 6 Pack diapers will only be offered in 6 great colors. Baby Blue, Baby Pink, Purple, Jade Green, Rainbow, and Spring Green.(Once I have the Pictures for all of these I will make the change.)
  4. getting 1 of every solid color and print pul in Nykibaby One Size Diapers.
The goal is to finish all of this by the end of the year. I have received a few new prints in knits and pul.

We will be adding to the newborn diapers:
  • Primary Ooga Booga
  • Lavender, Orange, Lime and Aqua Ooga Booga
  • Thing One and Thing Two Limited Quantity
  • Moose in Shoes
  • American Dream
  • Rib Owls
  • Pure Breeds(Dogs)
Nykibaby Prints coming soon: These are all in limited quantity
  • Blue Giraffe
  • Cats and Dogs
  • Citrus Circles
  • Blue Circles
  • Blue Dots on Brown
  • Pink Vintage Cars
  • Blue Vintage Cars
  • Aqua Ooga Booga
  • Brown Ooga Booga
  • White Ooga Booga
  • Orange/blue Ooga Booga
  • Christmas ooga Booga
Look for all these changes this fall. Yes I will make some of these for special requests before I go live with them. Pictures coming soon.

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