Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Newborn to Newborn

Ok so here is quick show and tell about Very Baby and Sugar Plum Baby Newborn Diapers differences:

Very Baby:
  • I would recommend for smaller to normal size babies and these will fit up to about 12lbs.
  • Elastic in the tummy area
  • narrower crotch
  • A little more in price
Sugar Plum Baby:
  • I would recommend for normal to chubbier babies. 7lbs up to 12lbs
  • Flat tummy panel
  • slightly larger rise then Very Baby
  • lower in price because I own this pattern
I hope this helps when trying to pick one of my newborn diapers. They are not the same pattern and one diaper is designed for the larger size babies like my son was. LOL I do sew then the same way as far as sergering, elastic, and fabric layers go however.


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