Tuesday, November 16, 2010

November Fun

Hi there

Here it is 11/16 and I thought the family is on the mends and now we are all home with upset stomachs today. Here is where I stand on customer orders and these are in the order I will work them asap:(everything is listed by order number unless it was an email request:

  1. Carol- newborn 6 pack
  2. 25011753- chocolate mint diaper Nykibaby
  3. Benson- medium lavender ooga Sugar Plum Baby Diaper
  4. 1435- Retro owls Nykibaby Diaper
  5. 25303770- Christmas Ooga booga Nykibaby
  6. 1436- Nykibaby 3 Pack
  7. 1437- 2 Nykibaby Diapers and 1 medium Plum Night Diaper
  8. 25372483- Medium Plum Night Diaper
I will try to update this as I finish orders. I may get to some today or not it depends. I wish everyone good health.

Thank you and everything should be coming soon

Susan Mraz

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