Friday, January 14, 2011

Shipping/Packaging update

In an effort to not raise my shipping costs to you I am changing a few things:
  1. I will no longer be wrapping my diapers in tissue paper. I know it is nice to feel like you are receiving a gift but this saves on money and waste.
  2. I am no longer printing and paying for delivery confirmation on just First Class Mail packages (all other packages will still have delivery confirmation). This saves some money; also I am able to use smaller labels to save on waste; and usually first class packages do not get scanned as regularly as Priority Mail and Parcel Post Packages do.
If you think you need delivery confirmation on 1 diaper please express that in your comments with your order. This change only affect orders of usually just 1 diaper or a small order of newborn diapers.

FYI: I send with all my packages a Thank You card and I am starting to include wash instructions with it. Oh yeah, do not forget that there is a return customer coupon in there as well.

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