Friday, January 20, 2012

January Diaper Contest

Here is where you enter  for a  chance at January's diaper of the month.  I will need some sort of contact info for you whether it be Blogger, Facebook, Twitter or an Email address.  I know longer have access through Facebook to the people that like my site so I will need to have everyone enter here for me to draw from.

There will be 2 winner this month and I will keep this open until Friday January 27th for you to enter.

All you need to do is post a comment with some sort of way for me to contact you.  Good Luck

The winners will be able to select whether they want a boy, girl or a gender neutral Nykibaby Pocket Diaper.  I will select the color or print by their choice.  I also will include a micro fiber insert with the diaper.

1 comment:

  1. I have removed all of the entries for the drawing so that I could protect my readers and customers personal information(email addy's).