Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fabric We will be using and a Rayon of Bamboo warning!

Ok Ok, the not so good stuff first. We as WAHM"S and consumers have been somewhat mislead. There has always been some confusion with bamboo fabrics and now the Federal Trade Commission has issued statements about these fabric and how we need to label them. I always order my fabric from reputable coops and they have provided proof the fabrics are indeed "Rayon made of Bamboo". I will not use terms like organic or green when listing the "Rayon made of Bamboo". Rayon is a man made fabric that is made from the cellulose of plants and trees. The process involved in making the fabric is toxic and not very green.

We will still continue to use the Rayon made of bamboo/cotton blend fleece and velour. There is no denying the fact that this fabric is excellent diaper fabric but not a green fabric like cottons and hemps are.

Right now Susan has a roll of 90/10 Cotton Poly Sherpa Blend that she will be using on One Size Very Baby diapers and regular Sugar Plum Baby Diapers.

We do plan to in the spring to get an order of Hemp/Organic Cotton blend fleece to use to make night time diapers and regular Sugar Plum Baby Diapers. Hemp/Organic Cotton is certainly a green fabric.

100% Poly Micro-Fleece will be used in night time diapers and to top soaker pads in the sherpa diapers for wicking.

From time to time we will have Cotton/Poly Blend Velours to use with the hemp in regular Sugar Plum Baby Diapers.

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