Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What on Susan's cutting table?

Hi All

Yes I am trying to squeeze in a few more diapers this week before I need to focus on cleaning my house and getting ready for Spooktackular on Friday 23 and Halloween on Saturday the 31st.

Currently I have 3 more medium Sugar Plum Baby diapers to sew and 1 large. I will have 8 total diapers ready to go in November for testers on my new snap layout. I will be having these available for lottery but there will be restrictions the 3 I can think of right now is:
  1. Your baby needs to be able to test the diaper now because I need the feed back I want to roll these out in January if possible for sale. So please do not add your name to the lottery unless your little one can use the diaper.
  2. Only 1 free diaper per house hold for the testing
  3. No International shipping on these sorry, I will not be charging anything for these diapers including shipping so I need to keep costs down.
My goal is to have these ready for lottery the beginning of November and the lottery will be available for 5 days at our Hyena Cart Store.


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