Friday, December 4, 2009

Here is our very first Cotton Sherpa Very Baby Diaper Review

  • How does the diaper fit your little one? It fit very well. When I first received it I thought it was going to be very bulky with the larger soaker, but I was impressed on how trim it turned out to be.
  • Did you use the cross over snaps?(I ask this because I believe on skinnier babies the hip snaps maybe less effective) I did
  • Did you find that the extra wing snap(hip snap) helpful in keeping the diaper from drooping less? No, but I have a skinny-ish baby and had to use the cross-over snaps to make the diaper as skinny as possible most of the time.
  • What snap down setting did you use? Small, Medium or Large
  • Were you able to use the snaps with very little trouble? No trouble at all. The sizing ones did unsnap a few times when my daughter kept moving as I was trying to put it on.
  • Does the Sherpa work well enough for a Day Time Diaper? Very well even without any soaker. I had to use the medium setting for my daughter and used just the diaper, med soaker and larger soaker and all worked very well (I also did not use a cover on the diaper as it held everything so well and I am in the midst of potty training)
  • Were you able to figure out the soaker pads well enough? Very easy, though folding over the larger one to fit in the medium setting takes some times when the baby won't cooperate.
  • Do you think I should add 1 more layer to the soaker pad? No, I think it is fine as it is.
  • Do you think I should shorten the larger soaker pad? No, I can see the advantage of that large of a soaker for larger babies.
  • How was the dry time on this diaper? Not any different than the other types of diapers that I use.
  • How well did this diaper fit with the covers you used? When I first used the diaper I used a wool diaper cover and it worked great, but after it not soaking through quickly I didn't bother with a cover.
  • Any other concerns or observations you have about the diaper? I have heard several negative comments about one size diapers: the sizing buttons don't really work, the bulk it makes in the front is not good, since it is one size the leg holes don't fit as well. I will say that I had none of these problems. My daughter has skinny legs and she didn't have any problems with. To give people an idea of her size she a very active (loves running) nearly 16 month old girl that is 19lbs 11 oz with cloth diaper and around 31" tall. And this diaper stayed on her very well. Many of her diapers begin to inch downward as she climbs and runs but this one did not! Very well made.
The Diaper that was tested was one of my cotton sherpa Pink Faerie Very Baby One Size Diapers.

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