Monday, April 11, 2011

Custom Status as of 04/11/2011

14 Diapers to sew as of 04/11/2011
1. Nykibaby Night/Lime MF/Lime Snaps-Micro Fiber Insert
2. Nykibaby Cotton Candy Dream-White MF-Pink Snaps
3. Nykibaby Moss-White MF-Blue Snaps
4. 2 Bamboo/Hemp Inserts
5. Nykibaby White Ooga-Aqua Sc-White Snaps-No Insert
6. Very Baby NB Lavender Ooga Booga-bamboo fleece-lavender snaps
7. Very Baby NB Sea Life-bamboo fleece-baby blue snaps
8. Nykibaby Blue Vintage Cars-White MF-White Snaps-No Insert
9. Nykibaby Night-White MF-White Snaps-No Insert
10. Nykibaby Pink ooga-White MF-Raspberry Snaps-No Insert
11. Nykibaby Retro Owls-Aqua SC-Aqua Snap-No Insert
12. SPB Medium Basic Bamboo-Aqua Snaps
13. Nykibaby Zoo- White SC- Blue Snaps-No insert
14. Nykibaby Cows- Black SC- Black Snaps-No insert
15. VB white ooga- Newborn-Bamboo-Aqua Snap

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