Sunday, April 17, 2011

Custom order update

Here is what I have to sew as of 04/17/2011

I am working these in around my house project that is going on and these should be done soon
Thank You

Cloth Diapers to Sew:
1. Nykibaby Retro Owls-Aqua SC-Aqua Snap-No Insert
2. SPB Medium Basic Bamboo-Aqua Snaps
3. Nykibaby Zoo- White SC- Blue Snaps-No insert
4. Nykibaby Cows- Black SC- Black Snaps-No insert
5. VB white ooga- Newborn-Bamboo-Aqua Snap
6. Nykibaby Blue Circles-
7. Nykibaby fairy Catmother-

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