Sunday, May 15, 2011


Custom order Update as of 05/15/2011-

All orders through 05/10/2001 have been finished.

Here is my current sewing list which is pretty big at this point custom orders are at 3 weeks.

1. Camo ooga Very Baby Newborn-Cotton Sherpa-Brown Snaps
2. Primary ooga Very Baby Newborn-Cotton Sherpa-Red Snaps
3. Owls On Grey Very Baby Newborn-Cotton Sherpa-Black Snaps
4. Blue Grey Giraffe Very Baby Newborn-Cotton Sherpa-Grey Snaps
5. White ooga Very Baby Small -Cotton Sherpa-Black Front Snap
6. Aqua ooga Very Baby Small-Cotton Sherpa-Brown Front Snaps
7. Very Baby One Size diaper in I recycle man green snaps-henp
8. Sugar Plum Baby Newborn Purple ooga-Cotton Sherpa-Purple Snaps
9. 3-packSugar Plum Baby Medium -Bamboo Fleece-Raspberry Snaps
10. Nykibaby Faerie Catmother Pocket-Pink Snaps-White Micro Fleece
11. Cotton Bamboo Insert
12. 6-pack Sugar Plum Baby Newborn-Bamboo- Red Snaps
13. 6-pack Sugar Plum Baby Newborn-Bamboo-Baby Blue
14. 6-pack Sugar Plum Baby Newborn-Bamboo-Green
15. 6-pack Sugar Plum Baby Newborn-Bamboo-Purple
16. Primary Ooga Sugar Plum Baby Newborn-Cotton Sherpa-I match
17. Pure Breed Sugar Plum Baby Newborn-Cotton Sherpa-I match
18. Owls on Grey Sugar Plum Baby Newborn-Cotton Sherpa-I match
19. Lavender Ooga Sugar Plum Baby Newborn-Cotton Sherpa-I match
20. Nykibaby Aqua Ooga Pocket Diaper-White Micro-Brown Snaps
21. Nykibaby Retro Owls Pocket Diaper-White Micro-Brown Snaps
22. Nykibaby Lavender Ooga Pocket Diaper-white Micro-Aqua Snaps

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