Sunday, May 1, 2011

Custom order status as of 05/01/2011

All orders through April 24th have been completed.

1. 3-pack Small Bamboo SPB-Baby Blue Snaps
2. April Winner of the Month Diaper-AI2 for a Boy
3. 6-Pack Newborn SPB Bamboo-Pink Snaps
4. 6-Pack Small SPB Bamboo-Lavender Snaps
5. 3-pack SPB
6. 6-pack SPB
7. Very Baby American Dream Newborn Diaper-Bamboo-Orange Snaps
8. Nykibaby Ocean-Aqua Suede Cloth-Aqua Snaps
9. Nykibaby Daisy On Lime-Aqua Suede Cloth-Aqua Snaps
10. Nykibaby Blue Circles-Baby Blue Suede cloth-baby blue snaps
11. Nykibaby Retro Owls-

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