Friday, November 13, 2009

Feed Back on Sugar Plum Baby Sour Apple Medium Tester #1

FYI I am testing fit and the new snap layout I want to use on Medium and Large Sugar Plum Baby Diapers!

Here is the Feed back I received on Medium Sour Apple Tester #1 :

Very well, the diaper is super cute and he seems very comfortable in it. I think the mediums will probably fit a much larger baby. I say this because I do not have a skinny child at all, he is pretty solid and is right at 25 pounds and while we didn't use the crossover snaps we used up to right before the two most middle snaps. So we probably have a few more pounds in this diaper at this height, and since he'll be growing upwards also I would bet this diaper will fit for months more. But I guess a much younger baby at the same weight would probably have the 25lbs as right at the limit.

Did you use the cross over snaps?(I ask this because I believe on skinnier babies the hip snaps maybe less effective)

Did you find that the extra wing snap(hip snap) helpful in keeping the diaper from drooping less?
Were you able to use the snaps with very little trouble?(one of my concerns is adding more snaps for a better fit might make it more confusing)
not confusing at all, very very easy to use

Any other concerns or observations you have about the diaper?
Trying on a family member more info to follow

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