Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sugar Plum Baby Large Plum Tester Diaper Review

Sugar Plum Baby Large Grape Crush Tester Feed Back

  • How does the diaper fit your little one? My daughter is 21 months old and just around 25 pounds right now, and it fit her nice and snug with the adjustable snaps. She's not what I'd really call chubby and is a very active little toddler.
  • Did you use the cross over snaps?(I ask this because I believe on skinnier babies the hip snaps maybe less effective)We did use the crossover snaps.
  • Did you find that the extra wing snap(hip snap) helpful in keeping the diaper from drooping less? At first I didn't notice there were three snaps on the wings, so it was drooping a lot. Then I took another look and realized I missed the third snap on both sides. When I snapped that, we had less droop, but still a bit.
  • Were you able to use the snaps with very little trouble?(one of my concerns is adding more snaps for a better fit might make it more confusing) Well, like I said, I missed the third snap the first try, but figured it out pretty quickly. I have a feeling the amount of snaps might have frustrated my husband who likes the diapers as straightforward as possible or he doesn't want to bother with them. I guess I really should have asked him what he thought of them and seen if he had any problems. Unfortunately, he's out of town for the week right now at work so I can't get him to weigh in right now. He did say it seemed like a very nice diaper just based on looks.
  • Any other concerns or observations you have about the diaper? I think it's the nicest diaper in my stash now! We mostly use Rita's Rump Pockets that I've sewn myself. We've got a few snap pocket diapers and I've tried my hand at a few fitted diapers but can't seem to get them absorbent enough on their own. I think if more people could see and use cloth diapers like this, a lot more people would choose cloth when they realize how far cloth diapers have come since just flat folds or prefolds.

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