Saturday, November 7, 2009

Very Baby One Size Cloth Diapers

Susan is not new to sewing Very Baby Diapers and has been sewing them off on since 2005. The Very Baby One size diaper was released in 2009 and has had extensive testing done by other Very Baby WAHM's, but this is the first time Susan has sewn these diapers.

Susan will, before Thanksgiving, have 4 Testers available just for some general feed back. All of the testers are made out of Cotton Sherpa(90% Cotton 10% Poly) the Sherpa that Susan is using is nice thick soft stuff. The fabric weighs 17ozs per yard.

These diapers will fit most babies from 12lbs to 35lbs +
Rise is 13 inch to 18 inch
12 inch to 23 inch waist

You will find these diapers have 3 rise settings to grow with the baby. 3 Wing snaps, on each wing, to help with the wing droop and cross over snaps to get a nice snug fit in your little one's waist.

There is a small quick dry soaker and a large quick dry soaker for each diaper. The small soaker can be used for both the small and medium settings to help keep them trim. The large soaker can be used on the medium setting but you will need to fold it down to fit the diaper. This adds absorbency but will make the diaper a little bit more bulky over using the small soaker with the medium setting. Of course the larger soaker is a prefect fit for the large rise setting and a little hint: on the Large setting you can lay in the small soaker to use as a doubler when needed.

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