Monday, November 16, 2009

Medium Strawberry Sugar Plum Baby Diaper Tester Feed Back

Here is feed back from our Medium Strawberry Tester Diaper

Great Diaper, I really liked it and cannot wait to try the one size when they are ready....
  • How does the diaper fit your little one? I have washed the diaper and used it twice now on my 6 month old daughter. I really like how if fits around her chunky legs. It doesn't leave any marks at all.
  • Did you use the cross over snaps?(I ask this because I believe on skinnier babies the hip snaps maybe less effective) I did not use the cross over snaps since she is a big girl.
  • Did you find that the extra wing snap(hip snap) helpful in keeping the diaper from drooping less? I think the hip snaps are great to a get a great fit and help hold in breastfed baby messes. I think the leg openings would be to loose without them.
  • Were you able to use the snaps with very little trouble?(one of my concerns is adding more snaps for a better fit might make it more confusing) The snaps were really easy to use, I had no problems with them except that no matter what I did I always needed a snap in the middle. It wasn't a big issue it is just how it worked out with her right now.
  • Any other concerns or observations you have about the diaper?

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