Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sugar Plum Baby Large Sour Apple diaper Review

Here is feedback from our Large Sour Apple diaper tester:

  • How does the diaper fit your little one? It fits her very, very well. It is very generously sized, and I can see that she will be able to wear it until potty training with no problem. That is a big plus for us as we are on somewhat of a budget. I know you said you were using a different fabric on the testers, so I don't know if that would make a difference or not. I love the rise on it as well. I am personally not a fan of the bikini or low-cut rise on dipes. It really fits her perfectly.
  • Did you use the cross over snaps?(I ask this because I believe on skinnier babies the hip snaps maybe less effective) Yes, and it is the first time we have used the cross over snaps. I only used the first cross over snap on the diaper, but I found it easy to use and it truly ensures a great fit for her.
  • Did you find that the extra wing snap(hip snap) helpful in keeping the diaper from drooping less? Yes. We do not have any droopage at all, and I love the extra snap again to keep the diaper snug.
  • Were you able to use the snaps with very little trouble?(one of my concerns is adding more snaps for a better fit might make it more confusing) I had absolutely no trouble with the snaps. I was only surprised that it fit big enough for us to use the cross over so that was new to us. Aside from that, I think the snaps are very easy to use and figure out.
  • Any other concerns or observations you have about the diaper? I really only have good things to say. It really is a lovely diaper, and I am very happy with the fit on her. I have asked her if she likes the diaper and she does. Again, I really like the fact that it will fit for a long time. It is so precious on, and fits just perfectly. If I had to say anything about it that would be not a perfect fit for her it would be the width of the crotch, but that seems the same with every diaper we have so not a negative. Overall, I am very pleased with the diaper and would definitely purchase more and recommend others to do the same.

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